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Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Boring Day....

Today is such a boring day...Daddy got to do work couldn't play with me. Only carried me for a miserable one minute. See my face, don know to be happy or sad.....

After which I was left on my own. Tried to play with my toy, but no mood.

Sorry bear bear, I really got no mood...

Daddy was taking a short break from his work. I tried to get his attention but to no avail. See, how sad I was.

Worst still, my mummy tied a hanky over my mouth to stop me from licking my injured tail. I was even more depressed....(SIGH....)

Eventually I took refuge under mummy's comforter, hoping the day would pass quickly.

It didnt, so I decided to sleep through the day, oblivious to the happenings (or no happening) of the day. Zzzzz.........

Friday, May 30, 2008

Pics!!! Pics & more Pics!!!! *__*

Some pics of me these few days. These pics tell a thousand words! Wont ask Mummy to help me type alot today. Cause her left arm is kinda weak nowadays ^ ___ ^

Walking down the stairs. (running errands for Mummy)

Daddy said that there 's still bit of time so we strolled downstairs abit ^^

Yeah off we go!

I love Car Rides!!! Woot!

Umm... Daddy its sure is a SUNNY DAY! Can the aircon be cooler? *gulp*

At last collected Mummy's stuff! *tired*

Are we home? *sleepy*

Yeah we are HOME!!! Mummy Mummy here we come!!!

Oh yup I can curled up my tongue you know!!! *proud look*

Daddy talking some sense into me..... - __ - "

Daddy: Bla bla bla

Snoop: ok... yes... *swallow hard*

Its a long lecture......... Zzzzzz....
ps: My Daddy is kinda longwinded...

We made up!!! See we were holding hands!!! *so gay! hahaha*

A lemon a day keeps the Doctor away?!?!?!?!

My paws stink! No wonder Daddy & Mummy call me CHAO MO MO!!! mwahahah

Dont run away from me lemon!!!!



I always love Snuggling up my Daddy & Mummy



Bits of update on my poor tail....

Thats about 2 days ago... Its better now tho.

I went grooming yesterday and had my tail shaved botak again!!! *cries*

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Peek a BOO!!!

I had lots of fun on Fri and Sat! Here goes ^ _ ^

Me playing with my toys and m hidden among them heheh

Mummy: Oh no! where is Snoop!!!
Noop: Peek a BOO!!! Mummy I am here!!!
Mummy: Haha was joking with you Silly Goose! Of course I can see you!

Noop: U can? (gulp)
Noop: Is it that I'm the cutest among all my toys thats why you can spot me!!!
Mummy: Haha Yup!

Me and my shoe! I always have this obsession with my rawhide - _ -"

Daddy PEEK A BOO!!! Can you see me? *giggles*
I am the Pirate of Carribean!!! Mwahahah

Me hidden under mummy's comforter, taking a nap.
Hey, can you see me? mwahahah

Here's a closer shot! Mwahah you silly goose!!! *muack*

See! Me in Mummy's Cool shades!!! It sure is sunny nowadays!!!

Daddy surprised mummy with this shades but I took possession of it! I seriously think I look better wearing it than Mama!!!'s a little update on my poor wounded tail... Actually it was better on Fri till I took off the bandage on Sat night while Daddy & Mummy were not around.... hehe I am soooo clever right! But Daddy said that I am cunning! - _ -' Cause I didnt touch my tail at all when they are at home.. *gulp*

Daddy (Background): Noop noop, Daddy is going to run some errands for Mummy. You want to come along?

Ok Daddy a min please, am blogging!!!

Ok bye everyone! Got to go! BIG KISSES FOR U!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

My Poor Tail...

Daddy bandaged up my tail... *cries* I dont like it at all!

See the blood stain... I kind of chewed badly till it bled...

My angry face...

My "sai nai" face

Me dozing off... ZZzzzz...

I chewed my tail relentlessly just now... Until it bled... Its kind of red and raw with traces of blood now.. *whine badly looking at his tail* Daddy caught me while I was chewing on bed. Daddy and Mummy always said that I am a sneaky boy... *gives an innocent look* Whenever I am not within their sight they will always look around for me or called my name 'cause I will be out somewhere around the house up to some mischief like chewing my paws and stuff like that... *cover mouth and giggles*

Daddy bandaged my tail for me... I don't like it *sulk* I whined badly just now after Daddy and Mummy finished their morning gongyo. I am always very "sai nai" since I was a puppy till now hehehe According to Daddy and Mummy I am an attention seeker. Which I ummm.... cant deny *blush*

But you see I dont have hands like you guys! I couldn't scratch my tail.. My legs wont allow me to do so :( So I got no choice but to use my mouth... I know I kind off chewed ummm... OK OK I ADMIT I OVERCHEWED IT TILL IT BLED! But it was so itchy... You guys wont understand... *blow nose & wipe tears*

Thats all for today I am off to slumber land.... I hated my tail... *grrrr*

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Papa's Birthday!!!

Yesterday was Daddy's Birthday!!! MUACK!!! Happy B'day Daddy!!! I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH!!! Daddy left his hp at home yesterday... So ended up me and Mummy walked over to Daddy's School to pass it to him... It was a SUPER tedious walk!!! To and fro cost us about half an hr! Further more the sky was dark and cloudy! We had to walk very fast as Mummy was very worried about me... hehehe Didnt take any pics during our walk tho as we needed to HURRY! We reached home safely tho ^ _ ^

By the time we were home Mummy and I was so dead beat but poor mama still got to wash my four little dirty paws...

BUT.... When I heard the magic word... FOOD FOOD!!! I immediately rushed out of the room for my breakfast!!! *covers mouth and giggles* Mummy said I snored very loudly after my breakfast. *gives a puzzle look*

Words For Daddy...

Papa even tho sometimes you bully me... I still love you lots you noe... Since you are 1 year older so be good and stop bullying me that much! Play with me lots that will be your resolution for this year B'day!!! Mwahahah *gives Daddy a BIG wet kiss hugging Daddy tight*

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Weekends ^ _ ^

Daddy & Mummy left me all alone at home... Cos Daddy & Mummy went to get their hair fixed... *pout* Luckily Ah ma came to feed me! If not I will be all skin and bone!!! *giggles*

Some pics of me this weekends:

Hehehe... Me having a good sun tan! *oops I forgot to put on my sun tan lotion!!! Mummy will definitely scold me for that!!!* I love to sun tan! Papa & Mama always says that I am a cat hahaha!

Pics of me with my shoe rawhide! I am often kind of aggressive when I am eating my rawhide! Often because of Daddy!!! I always have this feeling that he wants to eat my rawhide!!! *hides his big shoe rawhide!* Only on Sat will I be given this BIG shoe rawhide! Normal days I only have half a stick of vanilla rawhide... *wish everyday is Sat* *dreamy look*

My Tea break!!! *drools at the sight of the honey pear* Honey pear is one of my favourite fruit! Guess what are the other fruits??? heheh stay tune to my blog if you want to know the answer!!! mwahahah

Me enjoying a good tummy rub by daddy after a hearty meal .... * contented*