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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Am back!

I was reading the newspaper last week and realised that there was a 1 million dollar award should anyone capture Mas Selamat!

*reading* Blah blah blah... 1 Million dollars... 1 million dollars!!!!

*whisper* Oldie!!! We have a secret mission here! Lets go track down Mas Selamat and we will become millionaire!!!

U mean you are scared!!!! awww... this is so disappointing Odie! We should be partners!!!

But well since you are scared then I think no point me carrying out the secret mission alone... well well well... *sigh

Since Mama made some nice soup stock so we decided to throw all the stuffs we had in the fridge into a hot pot!!! kekeke

Daddy and Mummy's version *drools*

Well mine wasnt too bad either!!! kekekeke

Well we added in some rice to my hotpot and I had a yummy hot pot dinner!!! *yummy* I think we should have hotpot every single day!!! Or maybe we should have a Hotpot Public Holiday!!! *good idea*

Can you spot the not? heheh Daddy bought a rubber mat for me with my favourite cartoon characters!!!

Oops I sat and farted on them... *guilty* hehehe

Well Mummy got me this baby pooh bear...

I was throwing a little tantrum taking pictures for Mummy...

Dont get me wrong! I love my new toy nonetheless... Its just me and my little tantrum..

Me nursing my daddy as his blood pressure is on the high side... Am so worried about him!

I seriously think he should snuggled in bed with me all day long to cure his illness!!!

Daddy if you are reading this please listen to Dr Snoop's advice and dont be stubborn!!! grrrr

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Arte-y Pico

Life's kinda hectic for me lately so havent been able to update lots! I got this award from my pal Goofy!!! Am so HAPPY!

So I am gonna pass this award to

1) Baileys and Maen - CKCS
2) Sugar - The Beagle
3) Goofy - The Meaning Of Happiness
4) Thor's World
5) Amber - Nihon Chihuahua

for their creativity, design and interesting material on their blog!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I did something NAUGHTY!

I did something very bad on Friday. I was upset that daddy & mummy left me to be home alone again. As my sorrow turned to anger, I lost my mind at a split moment. I urinated on the floor to teach them a lesson.

See... this is my master piece. Hee.....

Well I knew that I would get some beating, but guess what, my daddy threw me out of the house... Sob....

He could not close the door as I was standing between the door. He left me there and walked away....*sniff*

After 5 minutes, I decided to 'test water', and walked in to see if I could be spared. Hooray, mummy said let me off this time, but got to stay in the play pen for half an hour. I accepted that punishment readily.

When punishment over, I was so drained and lied on bed sad and exhausted...

I could not believe that I did such a naughty thing and you know what, cause and effect, I sprained my back while trying to please my daddy but to no avail. See the ice pack on my back?

While lying on bed, mummy whispered into my ears teaching me how to please daddy. So i went to daddy and kissed him all over till his iron heart melted....Hee...thats is very effective on daddy....
After all the commotion, I was so exhausted. Before I knew it, I was fast asleep. Zzzzz......

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Mission!!!

Thanks everyone ^ __ ^ I am as fit as a fiddle now!!! kekeke Last Fri, I had to bring Daddy and Mummy to see the Chinese Physician. So here goes...

Daddy, Mummy, Hurry up or the Dr will be going for lunch soon!

Awww... I am on a mission to bring you guys to see the Dr yet I got to be leashed as usual *pout*

I thought I had to drive you guys since Daddy is so sick... I was kinda worried hehehee

Are we there yet?

Geezz the journey sure is long *yawn*

Oh no I cant fall asleep... I am on a mission but I am drifting off .....

Last Sat Daddy's School got a Carnival going on! But I wasnt invited :(

But Daddy sure brought back lots of weird stuff hahah

See! I am the Man behind the Mask!!! Call me Zorro!!!

This hat makes me look like a Clown??!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I am better now :)

Thanks everyone for your concern :) I am feeling all good now. Mummy is still having a bad cough and throat... Poor Mummy she lost her voice... Daddy is also sick now....:(

I vomited the next day as well... Mummy guessed that my gastric ulcer acted up again and syringed me my mylanta. Luckily for Mummy and me its Youth Day on Mon. So Daddy could looked after us kekekeke. Not so lucky for Daddy then!

Daddy: Noop Noop come have your breakfast.

Snoop: Daddy I have no appetite...

Did I tell you guys that I am a Super Greedy fellow?! I rarely have no appetite. By right its better to stop food and water, but for me I cant as I got gastric ulcer. So Daddy made steamed egg for me! Daddy is so Sweet!!! *muack*

I gobbled everything down! Daddy got a fright! As I shouldnt eat that fast!!! hehehe But egg is my FAVOURITE!!!

Daddy: Time for your medicine!

Snoop: YUCKS!

Daddy caught this pic while Mummy was tucking me to bed but ended up falling asleep with me! Her medicine made her super drowsy!!! But this pic looks eerie to me! As I Got fringe!!! mwahahha

I woke up after a while... See My bandage is still on =__="

*turns left and right* Where is Mummy???!!!

I didnt get to eat my rawhide for about 2 days. But Daddy got my new supply for me! See he is always chopping it into half! *sigh

======> My poor Mummy... coughing badly till she turns blue.... *hugs Mummy tight*

Saturday, July 5, 2008

I am Sick

A day after my grooming, I fell ill.

The groomer applied too much baby oil to clean my ears, and know what happened, I had glossy ear fur or wet look. Mwahahaha.... Mummy insisted that it must be washed away and so daddy got to do it.

So irritating.....

That's not all...

I got a cut on my left front paw. I kept licking it till the wound got worse. Mummy was so angry and decided that my foot needed to be bandaged.

Snoop: Daddy please dont bandage my poor little paw... I promise I wont do it again..please...

Daddy: No way!

Snoop: Sigh....No one wants to hear my plea.......

See....After the bandage, my paw appeared to be double the original size AND it looked ugly with my two nails protruding out! Eeeeeeekkkkssss. Daddy commented that it looked like a delicious crab claw! What an insult!

Worse is yet to come....

The next morning I woke up with an upset stomach. I dared not tell mummy cos she was very ill - having high fever and sore throat. After my breakfast, disgusting thing happened.

Guess what are these???!!! These are not my spill overs... They are my my my....


Another one under Daddy's study area. Looks like milk to me somehow! Hahahah

After all the vomiting I was so afraid that I hopped up to one of Daddy's table away from my vomit.

I felt so umcomfortable.

I am dying... I see my life flashing by....

I joined Mummy in her porridge diet... Of cos mine is different! Poor Daddy got to look after 2 sick persons...

========> My daddy!!! Mwahahah