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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Vacuum Attack!

My greatest enemy is guess ---- yes! the vacuum cleaner. It always sucks my toys and stuff and sometimes my paw paw...... sob.....

Yesterday, that dirty old fellow tried to suck my favourite ball into his fat belly.....I tried frantically to save my dear ball ball......

So beware friends! don't let your house vacuum hurt your life!

Monday, October 20, 2008


Mummy was checking my teeth and commented my front teeth looks funny and Cute!

Teeth Inspection by Dr Mummy
Snoop: Ahhhhhhh.......

After the inspection, I, Dr Snoop, decided to add in braces!
This will make me look more charming!!!

Ok I had enough of Braces... My jaws are so sore and painful... eeeeks!

Pop by My Buddy Mango Blog to get this Gold Paw Award! Love the Colour!

PS: Mango's Mummy I will get Mummy to take more Video of me soon! Kekke I bet Mango must be sulking in one corner! heheh

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Soccer Training!!!

Sorry Folks. Hasnt being updating much lately. Am rather busy with Soccer Training recently! hehe being practicing really hard with my Coach! Here are some of the pics taken during training.

Coach: Hey kid, time to start our practice!
Snoop: Yes Coach!

Coach: Ok this is how you do a header!

Snoop: I cant seeing anything Coach! Am blocked by the ball! *panic*

Coach: Alright now if your opponent tries to steal the ball from your possession, try to distract him and hold on to the ball tight!

Snoop: Yes Coach!

Coach: There you go kid! This is the way!

Snoop: My paws are kind of tired...

Coach: If the opponent spews foul languages at you dont retaliate! Just give him the stare of death!

*Snoop stare intensely*

Coach: Right on Kid!

After all the theory part its hand on experience!

Here goes:

After all the hard work I was so shagged!!!

Coach: Hey Kid! Please wear your Jersey next time instead of your pyjamas!!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Gloomy Snoop

Snoop has been very gloomy recently. He kept asking the same question...

Daddy... Do I seriously look like a girl?
Crystal kept saying that she thought that I am a girl...

Daddy: Nope little boy you just got a cute face.

Daddy your answer is so superficial... sigh...

(more heartache)