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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Am back.........with something stupid

Hi everyone out there, am back. To clarify, not that I am lazy to blog, its my mummy who was too busy to help me. See... human... not so reliable. They make me look bad!!!!! Anyway, many apologies for the delay. Any inconvenience caused is very much regretted. Mwahaha......

I am not so keen to blog this but my mummy insisted to. Well, I am at her mercy, so got no choice but to embarass myself....sigh....

Was daydreaming the other day when daddy walked into the room.

Snoop: Hey dad, what are you holding in your hand? Is it a rawhide? Yum Yum!

Daddy: Well son, what do you think is it?
Snoop: Looks like a rawhide, but a very skinny one......

Snoop: Mmmm.......but it doesn't smell like a rawhide......
Daddy: Haha.........................

Am I greedy... or.... stupid????????? so shameful.....

Thanks for those greetings my lovely friends! Its my last post of the year!!! Woof! Go ahead make your NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS!!! Snoop wish everyone a Fruitful 2009!!! Yeah!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Dog is a friend for life... They are not a TOY!

After attending a Road Show by AVA on "BE A RESPONSIBLE PET OWNER" I would like to bring to your attention a few examples of Dog Abuse:-

Fashion Victim
*Weather 32 degree Celsius

"Force Feet"
*Little kids forcing a dog into his shoes

Human not free, we are done
*We are left alone for days

A Pet is not a toy. They cannot be shelved into your wardrobe if you are sick of playing with them. It is a life long commitment. Please think TEN times before getting one.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

One-legged Papa

Last Sunday, my daddy was so careless. As he was rushing out, he missed a step and fell down the stairs AND sprang his ankle. Poor ME, not Daddy. I got to look after him all these while.

Watching out for daddy as he walked....

Checking his leg whether he was alright....

When I am tired, I will just lie on papa's foot and rest..Oops! Typo error! Should be giving warmth to my daddy's foot to make him feel better.. hee..

I Have no choice but to add in an additional post here... because of my buddy Mango!!! =_=" Fyi, I am not wearing a bra in the above pics! Thats my PJ rolled up!!! Mango!!! I am so gonna tell your mum about your BIG MOUTH!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Vacuum Attack!

My greatest enemy is guess ---- yes! the vacuum cleaner. It always sucks my toys and stuff and sometimes my paw paw...... sob.....

Yesterday, that dirty old fellow tried to suck my favourite ball into his fat belly.....I tried frantically to save my dear ball ball......

So beware friends! don't let your house vacuum hurt your life!

Monday, October 20, 2008


Mummy was checking my teeth and commented my front teeth looks funny and Cute!

Teeth Inspection by Dr Mummy
Snoop: Ahhhhhhh.......

After the inspection, I, Dr Snoop, decided to add in braces!
This will make me look more charming!!!

Ok I had enough of Braces... My jaws are so sore and painful... eeeeks!

Pop by My Buddy Mango Blog to get this Gold Paw Award! Love the Colour!

PS: Mango's Mummy I will get Mummy to take more Video of me soon! Kekke I bet Mango must be sulking in one corner! heheh

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Soccer Training!!!

Sorry Folks. Hasnt being updating much lately. Am rather busy with Soccer Training recently! hehe being practicing really hard with my Coach! Here are some of the pics taken during training.

Coach: Hey kid, time to start our practice!
Snoop: Yes Coach!

Coach: Ok this is how you do a header!

Snoop: I cant seeing anything Coach! Am blocked by the ball! *panic*

Coach: Alright now if your opponent tries to steal the ball from your possession, try to distract him and hold on to the ball tight!

Snoop: Yes Coach!

Coach: There you go kid! This is the way!

Snoop: My paws are kind of tired...

Coach: If the opponent spews foul languages at you dont retaliate! Just give him the stare of death!

*Snoop stare intensely*

Coach: Right on Kid!

After all the theory part its hand on experience!

Here goes:

After all the hard work I was so shagged!!!

Coach: Hey Kid! Please wear your Jersey next time instead of your pyjamas!!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Gloomy Snoop

Snoop has been very gloomy recently. He kept asking the same question...

Daddy... Do I seriously look like a girl?
Crystal kept saying that she thought that I am a girl...

Daddy: Nope little boy you just got a cute face.

Daddy your answer is so superficial... sigh...

(more heartache)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Stock Taking!!!

Baby boy your daddy is calling you

What is it Mum? I am taking a nap...

Umm nothing much but your daddy was thinking if you need any of your treats or stuff for stock up?

(Jumps out of bed immediately)

I am coming Daddy!

Ok let me see... Umm my egg rolls and carob biscuits are running low...

Shoe rawhide is low too... but then there is a new packet of lil bones rawhide...

(racking his lil brain hard)

Son your drawer is in a mess! You should really clean it up! What is this! A half chewed bone inside?!!


Well Daddy times are hard, I need to savour more slowly!

TADA! Stock taking done!

(closes his drawer)

I am finishing my bone now!

My reward!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Net server was down! T _ T

Sorry all my beloved buddies and pals. My internet connection was down... Then the technician schedule was so full bla bla bla... Mummy and I was so sad over it... Its being a long time... Hope I am not forgotten *sniff*

I got lots of awards while I was away!!! Yeah! So here goes:

I got this I Love your blog award from Handsome Thor,
Cutie Momo & Pinot!
Playful Cocoa & Barley!!!

Last but not least I got this Best Bud Award from my Buddy The mischievous Mango!!! I love u lots Bud! *force kisses on Mango white fluffy fur all over*

I would like to Pass on all my awards to all my friends around the world! Without all of you I am never complete!!! *sniff hard & blow nose*

ps: Mango thanks for your mouth to mouth resuscitation! But I prefer Crystal to do it!!! Mwahhaha Joking!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sleeping Pose!

Sorry everyone havent been able to visit your blogs lately. Have been kinda busy. Will soon visit with Mama when we have the time ^ __ ^ Here are some of my sleeping poses that Mama collected throughout the weeks hehehe. I sleep with my eyes open sometimes so if you see such pics of me dont be alarmed! I am still alive and kicking! Mwahaha

Me snuggling with Daddy... I love Daddy's smell...

Taking my usual afternoon nap!

I was really sleeping when mummy took this picture of me!

According to her I was snoring loudly!

See my legs spreading so widely! haha one of the rare pics!

Usually I sleep with my legs close tightly!

Caught dozing off while I was playing awhile ago!

I love to sniff my little paws before dozing off!

See my ears! I look like a papillon!

Snuggling onto Daddy's blanket! I will always make a mess before I doze off on bed. hehe

Cuddling up... Must be a rainy day!

Umm seriously I had no idea what I was up to in this pic!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I am such a GOOD boy!

I always help out with the chores at home during weekends! I am such a Good Boy! hehehe

I helped Daddy with the "Boys stuff"

Giving him all sort of guidance and instructions as clearly as possible!
I helped Mummy with the vacuuming!
Making sure no speck of dust escape from my big round eyes!

Bear Bear helped out too! But he can be a nuisance at times! I had to part my legs to give him some space!!! I think he enjoys blocking my way!

But then usually after helping out... I sort of expect something in return... No! Dont get me wrong I am not being calculative!!! Just that you know after all the hard work I kind of lost all my energy and need to replenish it. hehe

And if I waited too long... OR didnt get my reward I will

1) Pounced on Daddy

2) Barked fiercely

3) Cried myself to sleep

Watch the video below to get the answer! Kekeke

Answer: None of the above !!!! Mwahaha