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Monday, September 29, 2008

Stock Taking!!!

Baby boy your daddy is calling you

What is it Mum? I am taking a nap...

Umm nothing much but your daddy was thinking if you need any of your treats or stuff for stock up?

(Jumps out of bed immediately)

I am coming Daddy!

Ok let me see... Umm my egg rolls and carob biscuits are running low...

Shoe rawhide is low too... but then there is a new packet of lil bones rawhide...

(racking his lil brain hard)

Son your drawer is in a mess! You should really clean it up! What is this! A half chewed bone inside?!!


Well Daddy times are hard, I need to savour more slowly!

TADA! Stock taking done!

(closes his drawer)

I am finishing my bone now!

My reward!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Net server was down! T _ T

Sorry all my beloved buddies and pals. My internet connection was down... Then the technician schedule was so full bla bla bla... Mummy and I was so sad over it... Its being a long time... Hope I am not forgotten *sniff*

I got lots of awards while I was away!!! Yeah! So here goes:

I got this I Love your blog award from Handsome Thor,
Cutie Momo & Pinot!
Playful Cocoa & Barley!!!

Last but not least I got this Best Bud Award from my Buddy The mischievous Mango!!! I love u lots Bud! *force kisses on Mango white fluffy fur all over*

I would like to Pass on all my awards to all my friends around the world! Without all of you I am never complete!!! *sniff hard & blow nose*

ps: Mango thanks for your mouth to mouth resuscitation! But I prefer Crystal to do it!!! Mwahhaha Joking!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sleeping Pose!

Sorry everyone havent been able to visit your blogs lately. Have been kinda busy. Will soon visit with Mama when we have the time ^ __ ^ Here are some of my sleeping poses that Mama collected throughout the weeks hehehe. I sleep with my eyes open sometimes so if you see such pics of me dont be alarmed! I am still alive and kicking! Mwahaha

Me snuggling with Daddy... I love Daddy's smell...

Taking my usual afternoon nap!

I was really sleeping when mummy took this picture of me!

According to her I was snoring loudly!

See my legs spreading so widely! haha one of the rare pics!

Usually I sleep with my legs close tightly!

Caught dozing off while I was playing awhile ago!

I love to sniff my little paws before dozing off!

See my ears! I look like a papillon!

Snuggling onto Daddy's blanket! I will always make a mess before I doze off on bed. hehe

Cuddling up... Must be a rainy day!

Umm seriously I had no idea what I was up to in this pic!