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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I am such a GOOD boy!

I always help out with the chores at home during weekends! I am such a Good Boy! hehehe

I helped Daddy with the "Boys stuff"

Giving him all sort of guidance and instructions as clearly as possible!
I helped Mummy with the vacuuming!
Making sure no speck of dust escape from my big round eyes!

Bear Bear helped out too! But he can be a nuisance at times! I had to part my legs to give him some space!!! I think he enjoys blocking my way!

But then usually after helping out... I sort of expect something in return... No! Dont get me wrong I am not being calculative!!! Just that you know after all the hard work I kind of lost all my energy and need to replenish it. hehe

And if I waited too long... OR didnt get my reward I will

1) Pounced on Daddy

2) Barked fiercely

3) Cried myself to sleep

Watch the video below to get the answer! Kekeke

Answer: None of the above !!!! Mwahaha

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Conversation with Mummy

Hiya everyone!!! Thanks for all your concerns and advices! Yup am still home! kekeke. Daddy came up with an idea to relate my anguish to Mummy. We deliberately left the computer on so Mummy would get to see my last entry! Well she was kinda guilty and had a good conversation with me!

Here goes:

(Mummy was walking towards me)

I pretended to be oblivious to her presence with a big yawn! hehe

(Mummy was really near now)

My heart pounded so fast I felt breathless!

I was so nervous... I pretended to look real busy cleaning my nose and mouth.

Mama: My baby boy, mama is so sorry I neglected you badly... This wont happened again I promised........... (mama gave me a sweet smile and paused)

Mama continues: that after the Olympics I will be always there for you.... Sorry Noop but its only once every four years...

I was so disappointed!!! Hence my facial expression changed totally!

Mummy saw that look on my face and said: Ummm why not Mama make some fries for you?
Snoop: Fries... Fries?!!!

Snoop: Well ok... I could do with some fries hehehe

My french fries!!! Arent they cute and delicious!

Papa fed me the fries instead as Mama was off to watch her Olympics again... *sigh*

Snoop felt uneasy and asked Daddy: Daddy, is this how I am compensated?

Snoop: simply with some fries....

Daddy: Nope son... Mama loves you that's why she made some fries to cheer you up!

After my treats Daddy showered me.

And I hugged Daddy tighted for some comfort...

Me and Daddy's pyjamas...



My precious Pals Mango, Snowy & Crystal gave me this award!!! I am so HAPPY!!!

My First Credit Card!!! Mummy can I go Shopping for treats with this card? *big grin*

These are my precious pals ^ __ ^ Arent they simply adorable!

Mango! Mango The Maltese Kiddo

Snowy! Snowy & Crystal

Crystal! Snowy & Crystal

Friday, August 15, 2008

Mama doesnt love me anymore.... T _ T

The Olympic has started... And I seriously think that it's bad news for me... My Mummy is glued to the tv!!!! I tried ways and means to get my Mama's attention but to no avail.....

Mama??? ( I tried acting cute)

Mama??? (I tried playing dead)


Where is your darling little boy Snoop???

(I tried the art of camouflage)

I made a huge mess to my toys!

See! It's a piece of cake making it a mess!

But then.... I realised my dear baby Pooh clinging on to dear life! Thats sooo funny! mwahahah *rolls onto the floor laughing hard*

I dragged and threw my toys all over the house...

Then... I heard footsteps!!!*my poor heart skipped a beat* Horray Mummy is coming!

Then I put on my sweetest smile to greet my Mama!

But... it turned out to be Daddy instead!!! Grrr

Daddy: Noop What are you doing?!! The house is in such a BIG mess with your toys lying all around!!!

Snoop: Daddy I dont care anymore! I think Mama Hates me!!! *stomp off crying*

Then later in the night while I was in slumber land I dreamt of this.... *cries in big sobs*

To all my dear friends... This might be my last entry... I might be sleeping on the streets soon... Do say hi if you happen to see me... Oh and dont forget to bring me some food if possible... *blow nose*

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Singapore!!!

Its Singapore's 43rd Birthday!!! Me being patriotic as I love my country! And I love my flag too!!! *nice to chew on hehehe*

Papa do you think Mr President will read my blog and hand me a medal?
*grins hopefully*

I received two awards from my dear friends Amber & Thor! Am such a lucky boy! mwahahaha

Snoop shouted loudly: Mummy! Mummy! I got a Daily Blogger award from Amber!!! You must help me blog more!!!

Thor gave me this award! The rule is to pass it down to 7 other blogs.... 7.... ummm.... here goes:

1) Amber - Nihon Chihuahua

2) Mango The Maltese Kiddo

3) Cocoa and Barley

4) Goofy - The Meaning Of Happiness

5) Momo and Pinot

6) Snowy & Crystal

7) Sugar - The Beagle

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Daddy's Attack!

My Daddy bullied me last night! Luckily it was caught on tape! *evil grin* Mummy was getting me ready to sleep.. Pyjamas had been rolled down... Me jumped onto the bed feeling sleepy... Then came this attacker!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Snoop and Alvin the chipmuncks!!!

I havent been able to fetch Daddy from school recently as the weather is pretty bad here... Mummy is worried that the Ticks will jump on me... And I have put on abit of weight due to lack of walks and indulgence in durians and cakes hehe... so Mummy said less treats for me YIKES!

Mummy can we go fetch Daddy today plsssssssss...........

Mummy: Nope my dear its going to rain...

Another disappointing day...

Rain rain go away little noop noop wants to play... *sigh

Then.... I heard... "clark clark clark"
And guess what!!! My Daddy is home!!! Am so happy that he is home slightly early!!! Papa here I come *runs towards the door with lots of hugs and kissess*

Daddy: Boy Boy I got a surprise for you!!!
What is it DADDY?!!!!

Daddy: I bought u a new toy!!!

awww... Daddy you shouldnt have... *blush*

I love my new toy Alvin!!! Mummy said we look alike!!! Do we??!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Snoop's and his questions!

Yesterday was my Mummy's birthday! Happy Birthday my lovely Mama!!! I love you lots!!! *big big hugs and kissess* But then I find mama birthday kinda weird!!!

I didnt see any cake yesterday! But then my ah yee (mummy's younger sis) gave mummy this!? I didnt know whats that but Mama was very happy! *puzzled*

Daddy how come there is no cake yesterday? Whats that 4 beautiful pinkish red stuff?!

Daddy: Well... that 4 pinkish stuff are longevity buns. Its kind of a chinese traditional cake!

Ah.... I see! But I prefer cake on my birthday Daddy!!! But Mama gave me a little of that. It sure is Yummy!!!
I saw this chicken meat at Grandma' house!!!

Daddy is this chicken meat called Sakura 鸡 (chicken) or Dracula 鸡?! Dracula!!!??? *yikes*

Daddy: Hahaha! Its called Sakura Chicken. Its a special name given to it. This chicken meat is very tender as it is fed on Acidophilus.

kekeke! I thought I heard Grandma said Dracula 鸡!!! hehehe Maybe I heard wrongly! I thought this chicken was fed on Blood!!?!

Grandpa bought Mummy DURIAN too!!! Am so happy!!! I love love love Durian!!! Yum! Yum!

Mama really enjoyed her sumptuous meal at Grandma's house alot! She is very thankful to Grandpa, Grandma and little aunt! We brought back 1 uncooked Dracula 鸡 home too! Oh umm I mean Sakura 鸡 hehe... Grandma gave it to me! Me! me! me! Alone! (Daddy: Its to US my boy!) Lets hope Mummy cook it for me soon!!! *drools uncontrollably* *Snoop skipped away singing: Sakura 鸡! Dracula 鸡! 傻傻分不清楚! hehehe*