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Sunday, June 29, 2008

A lazy afternoon...

Saturday supposed to be a joyful day for me but..... it turned out to be a non-activity day. A good thing though as I need to laze around some times.

Was wondering what to do when daddy gave me a shoe rawhide. Yippee..

Humans are always like that. Got to do some tricks before I got my little rawhide. Anyway, see.. I look cute right? *giggles*

At last after all those stupid tricks, I got to have my treat. What a tiring process..... I should report to the SPCA. This is animal cruelty you know! *Ahem... I am not an animal. I am a boy!*

I was too lazy to sit up after finishing three quarters of the rawhide... Hee... A little full so I decided to lie and stare at my precious little rawhide.

After a while, I could not resist not finishing it...but my stomach did not seem to have space for it.

I tried putting in my mouth and before I could chew it, I was drifting into my sleep...Zzzzz

When I awoke, the rawhide was still in my mouth.. Ha Ha... It took me less than a minute to devour the last bit of it. *burp*

With a full stomach (or rather overfilled stomach) I went to disturb mummy. Ha Ha... I put my foot between the pages of a thick book mummy was reading.... Mwahahaha...

Mummy was so angry and ordered me to stay away from her. Sob... I was just trying to make the day more interesting... I went to my sleepy head pa pa and snuggled onto him and we slept together. Let this lazy afternoon end in Zzzzzzz style.

Friday, June 27, 2008


Daddy is sick today so Mummy cooked soupy Macaroni for him to bring to School. So... I got Pasta for breakfast!!!!! *jump up and down happily* Have I ever told you guys Mummy is a good cook??? kekeke Mummy ran out of fish so she added in half an egg for me!!! I am so happy cause EGG IS MY FAVOURITE FOOD!!!! Umm then where is the other half of the egg??? *puzzled*

My yummy delicious pasta!!! *drools* Now you see it...

Now you dont!!! See I helped Mummy with the chores always!!! It was so clean I bet it needed no washing!!! *smug
But before I got to savour my yummy pasta... This is what happened.... *sigh

I got very excited around 6am in the morning because of all the cooking and stuff so it was really impossible for me to wait till my actual breakfast time...

Snoop: Mummy please.... Can I have my breakfast really early today?

I didnt really have it very early in the end... But i certainly didnt make it easy for mummy! I kept whinning loudly kekeke... In the end Mummy relented alittle so I had my breakfast 1 and half hr early kekeke

Snoop: Mummy can I eat now???

After my yummy meal, I got a rawhide as usual to cleanse and to excerise my teeth and jaws. As mummy always says I gobble up my food without much chewing heheh But then its sit and stay again... real agony..

Mummy please can I go now.... *sigh

After everything I got quiet and pondered hard... when will I have pasta again... Happy times are really short...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Life is tough... T T

Since school reopens, life is getting pretty tough for Papa... He is always saying stuffs like schools... students... teachers... blah blah blah... Mummy is really busy too... She is always not at home.. = __ = Everyone is saying things like Snoop has such a good life... this and that... BUT BUT BUT... *eyes starts to get red and watery* LIFE IS PRETTY TOUGH FOR ME TOO!!!

I get worried when Daddy & Mummy is not at home... Whether they will be safe outside... what time will they be home... Will they be home on time for my dinner... When Daddy is home and I dont see Mummy with him... I get really sulky and whine alot... When Daddy is at work I will know the earliest time he can be at home and start waiting for him. When he is late I get really panicky and keep staring at the door... I get worried if my treats supply is low... I get worried lots of time so LIFE IS REALLY NOT A BED OF ROSES.....

Is Daddy safe in this scary world... Will he exercise care when driving? Will the students bully him? Will he have enough food to eat???

I doze off at times too... I think I am too mentally stressed up

Then I wake up and start thinking again... Will Mummy be safe outside??? Can she cross the road without me beside her??? Can she find her way home without Daddy???

See life is pretty tough for me too... *sigh* When both of them are safely home then I will relax and have fun and sleep like a log... I love them too much *sniff* Sorry for the rant... Its just one of those days you know.. * blow nose really hard*

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I dont want to SLEEP!!!

Last night I slept around 1215am... heheh Normally I will be in bed around 10pm snoring away! But last night I was in a playful mood!

Daddy was busy typing his minutes but I kept pestering him to play fetch with me kekeke

Snoop: Daddy my limbs need some exercise... Would you play with me please.. Just a few throws will you? *looks at Daddy with longing eyes*

Daddy: Umm... Alright... *sigh*
Daddy just couldnt resist my puppy look!!! Well you cant blame him!!! Who can!!! *giggles*

I spent many hours playing yesterday since 8 plus! But I just couldnt get enough of it!!!

La la la la li la! Bear Bear where are you! I can smell you!!! Quit hiding from me!!! Well the whole house was in a terrible mess with toys lying all around the hall! Of course my dear mummy would be scolding me lots! kekeke

Till its about 12 midnight I was being chased to sleep!!! But But But I am not sleepy!!! pffff

I was called to the bedroom but then I sneaked out after that!!! Aint I clever!!! But was carried away by Daddy ... *tears* Pssst it wont be in the video! As I was too fast for mummy to capture it!!! Mwahahah

I dont know who took this pic!!! But alas... I dozed off in a fraction of minute once I was being tucked into bed... hehehe Guess I was knocked out after all the play!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cause and Effect @ ___ @

Last weekend was a roller coaster ride for me. It was eventful with many good things (or rather good food) to enjoy with and also some share of bad stuff......

Mummy: Noop, Noop, wakey wakey!
Snoop: Mummy, let me sleep a while more......

Mummy: NO! It is already 11.30am. You get out of bed NOW!
Snoop: ok..ok..Yawn.....
I hate to wake up early but I need to eat my breakfast.... so got to get out of bed. How I wish I can have breakfast in bed... I could literally hear mummy says "dream on"

After my breakfast, I got to share an ice cream with daddy. Yummy.. We ran quickly downstairs to the ice cream van when we heard the ice cream man ring the bell. It was hard work but worth it... hee..

Ice cream is a good luck charm you know. After ice cream, good things kept coming.... We were getting ready to go to my dear xiao gu's house. See I am all ready.

How come I still got to wait ah? It is always Mummy. You know girls la.....

Finally we arrived at xiao gu's place and you know what? I got a big surprise from xiao shu. He just came back from States and he bought me a big toy.... I am so so happy even though I knew he bought the wrong size toy for me.

Dear big toy, I just like playing with you. You smell funny but I love you anyway.

More good things come along. After our dinner, guess what. Daddy bought durians! Durian is one of my favourite fruit you know. See, I was waiting patiently for mummy to feed me. soft, smooth, silky and creamy..... Yummy yummy yummy.

More please, mummy.

I think I ate quite a bit and when all the durians were devoured by everyone, I decided to lick the last bits from mummy's hand.

What a day. We went home very satisfied especially me.....*burp*

However, the next day was bad. I had to shower and soak my legs in green tea to get rid of bacterials. Mummy learnt it from the internet. I hope she stays away from the computer so she doesnt have to come up with all sort of funny ideas...Sigh...

I had to soak my legs for 5 mins.

Why mummy had to follow so religiously to the time.... I would catch a cold MUMMY!

Alas, she came. What a relief. But I didnt feel very good after that. My nose kept running ( you know what I mean) and started to cough.

Bad, bad, bad...I was down with cold and cough.

Mummy: Actually, you ate too much thats why you are ill now!

See.... Mummy still thinks she is right. *a a aaa choo!*

Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Yummies!!! *drools*

Today is my feasting day! Yeah! My regular food, treats and vitamins....... here I come. But before that, let me introduce 'them' to you, my beloved friends.....

This is my multivitamin & minerals. I have to take this twice a week cos I m on HCF diet. Envy ah...*giggles*

These are my treats! *drools* I get to eat them on Sundays and on days when Daddy & Mummy are not home. Pssts...They just wan to make themselves feel better without bringing me along...Tsk Tsk Tsk....

These are the latest add-ons to my treat collection. Mummy bought them from the internet. Cant wait to try them.....Mummy, can give me one right now?

Hee....This is the big dehydrated fish I m going to devour....Ha Ha Ha....

Unfortunately, Mummy insisted that I must sit and stay first before I can have my treat. Sigh, don know what she is thinking. Why make life so difficult for me????

See, still have to wait... Sigh, Sigh and SIGH......

Worst still, daddy tried to STEAL my treat.....Sob, life so so hard...

At last, I got to eat my dear little fish....

Mmmm.... So tasty... Wish that I could get another one....*I could hear mummy say 'dream on'*

After my treat, I popped by to see Daddy prepare my whole week HCF. Psst..tell you a secret, my daddy can cook very well.

But, he always take his own sweet time... See I got so bored waiting to see the end product.

Still waiting.. My life fills with alot of waiting, waiting and waiting.

I m drifting into my dream world......Zzzzz....

Daddy: Noop noop, your food food is ready......

Yeah! I wan to see I wan to see.....

Tada.. This is my favourite HCF. Yummy yummy.